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Upgraded infrastructure

Within the frame of infrastructure development, a 16-unit “pond-in-pond” system was installed in HAKI’s experimental ponds. This will enable HAKI to test 2x2 factors with 4 replications during feeding and rearing trials aiming at the improvement of combined intensive-extensive technologies. Each of 16 tanks has a volume of 12 m3 and the tank are equipped with airlift boxes with aeration grid for aeration and water movement; side channel blowers; automatic feeders and electric boxes with the necessary fuses and sockets.

pond100_0876_0.JPG pond100_0878_0.JPG pond100_0879_0.JPG

The project also funded the reconstruction and upgrading of HAKI’s old experimental Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS). By the modernization small and medium sized units with independent water circles have been constructed which provide appropriate methodological conditions for simultaneously running independent experiments. The following units were established in the experimental RAS:

  • An R&D demonstration facility with 4 tanks of 10 m3 each as a basis for the related educational and practical training activities. It also enables HAKI to scale up research results achieved in smaller tanks. This system consists of the following equipment:
    • 4 fish tanks (10 m3 PP fish tanks with screenes and sludge collector);
    • 1 drum filter (60 micron mesh size, 90 m3/hours water flows at 25 mg/l suspended solid, closed construction with frame and by-pass);
    • 2 blowers (120 m3/hour airflow at 0.2 bar);
    • 1 NaOH dosing pump (0,4-2,2 l/h);
    • an UV system (Open channel UV system for 90 m3/hours water flow, 8X80watt capacity at min.80% transparency);
    • 2 Recirculation pumps (Q = 26,6 liter/s, H’ = 4,8 m);
    • 1 Biofilter tank and pump sump (Plastic, placed in concrete sump divided into three sections  I.Biofilter-V= 12 m3, 2,0 m x 3,0 m; Water level: 2,0 m II. Biofilter- V= 8 m3, 2,0 m x 2,0 m; Water level: 2,0 m  Pump sump: V= 4 m3,  2,0 m x 1,0 m; Water level: 2,0 m);
    • 10 m3 Biomedia (850 m2/m3 active surface area);
    • 4 Oxygen cones (35m3/h water flow, min. 6 l O2/min, diameter 550 mm);
    • 4 Course bubble air diffusers(120 m3/h airflow capacity);
    • 1 Collector and UV tank (2 pieces of collector tanks, parameters: 1,0 m x 0,5 m; Water level: 0,8 m 1 piece of UV tank 1,0 m x 0,2 m; Water level: 0,8 m);
    • 1 Ozone generator with reactor tank (80 g/hour ozone production, 15 m3/h water treatment, PLC control unit);
    • 1 Protein skimmer (max. 15 m3/h water flow);
    • 4 ceramic diffusers (6 l oxigen/min oxigen);
    • 4 feeders (20kg tank with controller);
    • 1 vacuum airlift.
demo100_2661_0.JPG demo100_3410_0.JPG demo100_3416_0.JPG
demo100_3425_0.JPG demo100_3426_0.JPG demo100_3427_0.JPG
  demo100_3428_0.JPG     demo100_3429_0.JPG  


  • Nursing (Fingerling) Unit with 18 tanks of 1 m3 each. This system will ensure suitable conditions for the execution of feeding experiments.  Equipments of the nursing unit are:
    • 6 Blowers (Q= 12 m3/h 225 mbar);
    • 3 NaOH dosing pumps (Q= 0,23-0,75 l/h);
    • 3 Rotameters (400-4000liter/h);
    • 6 Recirculating pumps             (Q = 3,33 liter/s, H’ = 3,4 m.v.o); 
    • 3 UV Systems (Open channel, 12 m3/h water flow);
    • 3 Ozone generator with reactor tanks (10 g/hour ozone production, 3 m3/h water treatment, PLC control unit);
    • 3 Drum filters (60 micron mesh size 12 m3/hours water flows at 25 mg/l suspended solid, closed construction with by-pass);
    • 3 Oxygen cones (20m3/h Water flow, min. 2,8 l O2/min, 0.1 bar);
    • 3 Biofilter tank and pump sump (Plastic, placed in concrete sump divided into two sections I.Biofilter-V= 3 m33, 1,0 m x 3,0 m; Water level: 1,0 m II.  Pump sump: V= 0,2 m3, 0,2 m x 1,0 m; Water level: 1,0 m);
    • 4,5 m3 Biological filter (850 m2/m3 active surface);
    • 6 Course bubble air diffusers  (20 m3/h air reconstitution);
    • 18 Fish tanks               (V= 1 m3, Ř 1,3 m; Water level: 0,8 m);
    • 3 Protein skimmers (max. 4 m3/h water flow);
    • 18 Ceramic  diffusers;
    • 20 Feeders




  • A Broodfish System with 3 tanks of 8 m3 each. The broodfish system will ensure the keeping, rearing, as well as the preparation for the (out of season) propagation of broodfish. This will be guaranteed by the suitable water temperature and via ensuring conditions for manipulation according to photoperiod. Equipments of the broodfish system:
    • 1 Beed filter with automatic back wash (Q= 3,3 l/s, mechanical and biological filtering);
    • 1 UV system (open channel for 12 m3/h water flow);
    • 1 Head tank (V = 500 liter, 1,0 m x 0,5 m; Water level: 1,0 m);
    • 1 Collector tank (1,0 m x 1,0 m; Water level: 1 m);  
    • 3 Ceramic diffusers (2.8 l oxigen/min);
    • 2 Recirculation pumps (Q = 3,4 liter/s, H’ = 14 m.v.o);
    • 3 Feeders    
Broodfish095813_1_0.jpg Broodfish095852_1_0.jpg


  • An Infection system with 24 tanks (0.1 m3 each). This system is suitable for challange test. This system is equipped with a UV system (2 pc UV lamps   2x75W) and a heating and cooling system (Temperature control between 5 and 30 centrigrade)
Infection100143_1_0.jpg Infection100_3439_0.JPG

Complementary to developments funded by the AQUAREDPOT project, further infrastructure developments were made in the frame of a national project funded by the Hungarian Fisheries Operational Programme (HOP) in 2015: additional RAS systems were constructed to ensure the complete implementation of rearing technology and genetic experiments.