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The existing indoor RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) of the institute has served for the last 30 years as the basic unit for experiments with fish in controlled environment. The operation of the system has become very unreliable, safe and hygienic conditions required for quality experiment cannot be guaranteed and the energy efficiency of the system became very low.

Genetics and breeding 26-28 May 2014

Between 26-28 May 2014 three specialists visited NARIC HAKI from NOFIMA (Dr. Bjarne Gjerde, Dr. Marie Lillehammer, Dr. Matthew Baranski) on Genetics topic. First of all we introduced the NARIC HAKI and the history of hungarian common carp breeding and its future prospects. After the visit was continued with discussion on hungarian aquaculture production and its structure. Thereafter Mr. Sándor Diviki presented our plans for the new research infrastructure and talked about its advantages.

Vodnany workshop

The workshop was held on 19-20 May in Vodnany (Czech Republic). It was addressed new capital-extensive technological solutions to diversify the profile of pond farming sector. In addition to the presentations and case studies by international experts from Europe, a roundtable discussions were held where the participants could express their opinions in a more interactive and informal way.