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Fish nutrition course 27-30 April 2014

The course on fish nutrition was held at HAKI by a specialist of Aquaculture and Fisheries Group of Wageningen University (Leon Heinsbroek) on 28-29 April 2014. The course was attended by 8 persons (researchers and specialists) from NARIC HAKI. The participants attended the following lectures and practical lessons:
  • The factors affecting fish growth and performance;
  • Methodological aspects of fish growth and nutrition research;

Animal Husbandry Days 2014

NARIC HAKI has participated as an exhibitor in the 21st Animal Husbandry Days of the Hungarian Plain. The exhibition, one of the most significant professional meetings of Hungarian agriculture, was held in Hódmezővásárhely on 25-27 April 2014, with the participation of over 400 exhibitors.