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New publication of HAKI has been issued

New dissemination material, an institutional brochure, has been developed in the 2nd half of 2015 funded by the AQUAREDPOT project and introducing the HAKI main activities and AQUAREDPOT project.  The brochure was disseminated in the frame of the closing conference and will serve as an important dissemination material of HAKI.

AQUAREDPOT related topic sheets can be downloaded from here:

Aquaredpot closing conference

6 November 2015

On the 6th November 2015 the Closing Conference of the AQUAREDPOT project was organized in Szarvas, Anna liget 8, Hungary, NARIC Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture. 

The conference was chaired by Gergő Gyalog, coordinator of the AQUAREDPOT project.

Publication issued of AQUAREDPOT researcher

Two publications of  Shivendra Kumar have been published recently on the “Mitigation of immunosuppressive and oxidative stress effect of dietary gelatinized starch in Labeorohita fingerlings by elevation of rearing temperature within optimum range” and on the Effect of total fish meal replacement with vegetal protein alone or combined with rendered animal protein on growth performance and tissue composition of European catfish (Silurusglanis L.)”


More information about the articles can be read here.