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New experiment has started in the upgraded experimental infrastructure of AQUAREDPOT

Ms Neetu Shahi PhD, an Indian scientist (Animal Biotechnology) from Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand came to NAIK-HAKI in the frame of a four month Tempus Public Foundation Scholarship. She will work on research project titled “Characterization and expression analysis of cytokines in Aeromonas hydrophila infected common carp (Cyprinus carpio L. 1758) reared at elevated temperature” under the category ‘Research stay “D”.  The objective of her work is to “Isolate and characterize the TNFα-1 and IL-1β cDNA  from common carp, Cyprinus carpio and quantify their in vivo expression in selected tissues at two different elevated temperatures: 25º and 35º C after experimental infection with A. hydrophila. 

In brief her work at HAKI involves: rearing and acclimatization of common carp in a controlled recirculatory environment with different experimental temperatures, PCR amplification of TNFα-1 and IL-1β cDNA after experimental infection with A. hydrophila and quantifying the level of expression of these two immunogenes at elevated temperatures.  

In summary, this work will provide a scientific advancement in the frontier field of effect of global warming on innate immune system of fish under microbial infection. 

Ms Shahi set off her experiment in the rearing system of the newly upgraded rearing system of AQUAREDPOT.