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Indoor experimental system upgrading, RAS technologies, Technology transfer of the scientific results 24-27 March 2015

23-27 March 2015.
Mr Tamás Bardócz, Mr Rob Davies and Mr Andre Meriac from Aqua BioTech (Malta) visited Hungary - HAKI in 23-27 March 2015.
AquaBio Tech Limited (ABT) is one of the partners of the AQUAREDPOT project. ABT is an independent company within the AquaBio Tech Group that undertakes Aquaculture and Fisheries, Environment and Water and Energy Consulting, Engineering and Development projects. It operates globally, specializing in fisheries operations and aquacultures design and development from market research through to project feasibility assessment, training and management and technology sourcing.
Following the ABT first-day-visit in a recirculation trout farm, discussion was held between the experts of HAKI and ABT about the details of the newly upgrading RAS system. The discussion was focusing on the overall design of the systems and possible future risk points of the operation were highlighted as well. It was also stressed that the testing period of the four new systems would serve as a feedback mechanisms and would also explore specific details to be further dealt with.
On the 25th March a presentation was given on the Standard Operating Procedure System of the ABT as well as the ongoing main projects and related technology transfer of ABT has been introduced and discussed. In the afternoon ABT and HAKI experts visited the Fish Hatchery of Fish Coop Ltd. in Szajol and talked about the possibilities of using new RAS technology to renew the traditional freshwater hatchery methods.
On the last day of the visit summary was given by the ABT’ experts highlighting risk points to be taken into account during the testing period and also aspects to be further considered when further expanding the RAS system were outlined.

13_ABT-0003_0.jpg 13_ABT-0004_0.jpg
Fingerling production system under construction “Cold” system for broodstock management
13_ABT-0001_0.jpg 13_ABT-0002_0.jpg
Hatchery of Fish Coop Ltd. Larvae rearing unit in the Hatchery