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Dissemination of AQUAREDPOT project results in the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition – 2015

In 22-24 September 2015 the HAKI participated as an exhibitor in the frame of the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition – 2015, both as an exhibitor of novel R&D results and extension capacities and also as a presenter on a conference session. One of the presentations was about the complex institutional development program funded by the AQUAREDPOT project.

More than 80,000 visitors have been visited the five days exhibition in Budapest this year, to learn about new technologies, research results as well as to see and taste the products of  more than 900 exhibitors of the agriculture and food sectors. The exhibition in 2015 gave also a unique platform to introduce the AQUAREDPOT project activities and new technologies in the frame of the conferences.

On the 23rd September the focus was mainly to introduce activities of HAKI and the projects towards the younger generation, having two presentations on the agenda about the healthy fish consumption. In addition to these some researchers of HAKI held presentations about the beneficial effects of seafood consumption and other general issues in a smaller workshop, where the younger generation was the target audience.

HAKI has organised a booth on the 23rd September in the frame of the OMÉK, where in one hand the AQUAREDPOT project was communicated via leaflets and roll-up and information about HAKI activities have been disseminated to the interested visitors.

The exhibition gave an excellent opportunity to introduce the AQUAREDPOT project main elements to wide range of stakeholders (policy makers, farmers, processing sector, environmentalists) as well as to disseminate the HAKI newly developed integrated fish farming technologies, which have been developed in the frame of the project.

The conferences organised in the frame of the OMÉK attracted stakeholders from the policy level and production level and created a great platform to introduce the new innovations of the institute and communicate the preliminary results.

The unique appearance of the institute in the exhibitions contributed to the social sustainability aspects of Hungarian aquaculture as these events are visited by thousands of stakeholders in the agro-food industry. In other hand via the social sustainability the advantages of fish consumption to the human health was also promoted.

As a result of the exhibition the project achieved good recognition within the sector and reached wide-range of stakeholders. The exhibition also served as platform to exchange information with the representatives of relevant institutions from the region and the country.

“Beneficial effects of seafood consumption” – presentation of Dr István Csengeri at the HAKI booth The younger generation also visited the HAKI stand at the OMÉK
Sándor Fazekas, Dr. – Hungarian Minister of Agriculture visit at the HAKI booth in OMÉK Sándor Diviki, AQUAREDPOT expert,  presentation about the project results at the Conference held on 24 September 2015.