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Aquaredpot closing conference

6 November 2015

On the 6th November 2015 the Closing Conference of the AQUAREDPOT project was organized in Szarvas, Anna liget 8, Hungary, NARIC Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture. 

The conference was chaired by Gergő Gyalog, coordinator of the AQUAREDPOT project.

Dr. Dénes Gál, Director of NARIC HAKI opened the meeting. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NARIC), universities (Szent István University, Gödöllő, Kaposvár University), private sector representatives, farmers have been present at the closing conference. 
In the frame of the Plenary session two keynote speakers gave presentations Mr Barnabás Jenes, Director of NARIC, who talked about the ‘Establishment of NARIC and the role of international cooperation and research results in the NARIC strategy’.  Dr Béla Urbányi, Head of Department at the Szent István University, spoke about the ‘Role of Technological Innovation Platforms in forming the trends of the research polic of the EU and Hungaryy’ .
In the frame of the Plenary session Gergő Gyalog, project coordinator and Dr. Dénes Gál, Director of HAKI and former coordinator of the project gave a general overview on the project’s main elements, achievements and about the related the long term perspectives. 
The afternoon session focused on the introduction of the project’s specific workpackages. Gyula Kovács gave overview about the enhancement of research potential within the project and future goals. Dr Eva Kerepeczki spoke about the outcomes of the networking and knowledge exchange visits within the project. 
To get more details on the research activities within the AQUAREDPOT project two researchers employed through the project, Dr. Shivendra Kumar and Uros Ljubobratovic presented their main research activities and results. 
Finally Sándor Diviki introduced the upgraded experimental systems. Following the lunch break the conference participants had possibility to visit the recirculating aquaculture and pond in pond systems. In the frame of a field trip Mr Diviki gave detailed explanation about the system.

The conference was closed with Dr Dénes Gál and Gergő Gyalog concluding notes.

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