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Recruited researchers

In the field of human resource development, a total of 9 persons were recruited to HAKI, including 4 Hungarian and 5 foreign researchers and industrial experts. The following research fields were strengthened with the arrival of new sicentists: Fish nutrition; Fish genetics and breeding; Rearing technology development; Production system engineering. (Here you can find more about the researchers)

They were involved of into the ongoing domestic and international projects that were complementary to AQUAREDPOT such that the personnel cost of the recruited experts were financed from AQUAREDPOT, while the consumable costs of the experiments originated from the complementary projects.

During the lifetime of AQUAREDPOT project they achieved scientific results in the following fields:

  • Application of processed animal protein (PAP) and Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) as possible local ingredients to replace fish meal from fish diets (see more about this topic)
  • Effect of feeding common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in early stage with plant-based diet on its subsequent utilization (see more about this topic)
  • Acceptance and adequate utilization of microencapsulated feeds with common carp larvae (see more about this topic)
  • The physiological effects of heat-shock protein (HSP-70) in common carp juveniles exposed to physical, chemical and biological stress
  • Population genetic analysis on different pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) populations based on microsatellite markers (the results are not published yet, see more about this topic)
  • Comparative performance test of six crossbred common carp lines in intensive pond culture (the results are not published yet, see more about this topic)
  • Further development in the long-term transportation methodology of the “dry” fertilized common carp egg (the results are not published yet, see more about this topic)
  • The foundation of the European catfish (Silurus glanis) ex situ live gene bank for selective breeding purposes
  • Further development in the artificial propagation technology of the pikeperch
  • Development in the larvae culture and nursing technology of percid fishes in RAS (see more about this topic)
  • The elaboration of weaning technology for pond nursed pikeperch juveniles in RAS
  • Comparison of reproductive and growth performance of wild and intensively reared pikeperch in RAS (see more about this topic)

Several publications were submitted by the recruited experts. During the project period 14 peer-reviewed publications were published by the researchers including 7 with an impact factor higher than 1.The recruited experts were properly integrated into the research community of HAKI.